Oslo Makes the List of the Wolds Top Coastal and Beach Cities

    Oslo Makes the List of the Wolds Top Coastal and Beach Cities

    June 10,Oslo: Many of the world’s greatest cities have an abundance of waterfront property is appealing to both local residents and travelers alike. Oslo is no different in this regard, boasting a large southern coast line with an abundant access to pristine waterfront property.

    The city Oslo has been named as one of the greatest coastal cities in the world in a comprehensive rankings list recently developed by Chicago Line Cruises.  They ranked the top 25 greatest coastal and beach cities in the world based on the following criteria:

    • Mercer Quality of Life Ranking- Mercer is a global HR consulting firm that ranks cities worldwide based on political, economic, environmental, health, education and transportation factors.
    • Euromonitor Ranking- Rankings based on tourist traffic
    • Numbeo Basket of Goods- Numbeo is the world’s largest crowdsourced databased that quantifies dozens of living conditions metrics. 

    The rankings are based on their own proprietary formula that was based on considerations for both residents and tourists.  Each of the cities listed have some interesting facts to accompany their ranking that focus on everything from arts, culture, recreational characteristics, architectures and other “wild card” tidbits.

    Oslo ended up ranking 17th on the list of 25 with a mercer ranking in the top 30th worldwide.  Olso was praised in the rankings for the Viking ship museum as well for having a strong independent music scene.  Over 20% of all Norwegians attend at least one music festival each year. The seasonal restaurant Maeermno also received high praise as it was ranked #29th on the Elite Traveler’s Best Restaurants list. The citywide green spaces that define Oslo including Fronger Park and its famous sculpture gardens were also noted in the rankings.

    The top 10 citied feature some notable cities worldwide.  Rounding out the top 10 coastal cities are Auckland, Barcelona, Vancouver, Copenhagen, Singapore, Chicago, Sydney, San Francisco, Toyko, and New York City. To see the completely rankings, check out the full list and graphic below.

    1. Auckland
    2. Barcelona
    3. Vancouver
    4. Copenhagen
    5. Singapore
    6. Chicago
    7. Sydney
    8. San Francisco
    9. Tokyo
    10. New York
    11. Dublin
    12. Hong Kong
    13. Helsinki
    14. Los Angeles
    15. Lisbon
    16. Dubai
    17. Oslo
    18. Perth
    19. Istanbul
    20. Miami
    21. Honolulu
    22. Bangkok
    23. Venice
    24. New Orleans
    25. Edinburgh

    The Oslo Times International News Network


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