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    Renowned Afghan politician Gul Rahman Hamdard condemns violation of Human Rights by Balkh  Governor in Northern Afghanistan
    Aug 19, Kabul:The recent political spat and reported assult of provincial council member Asef... Full article
    Freedom house condemns illegal grab of legislative powers in Venezuela
    Aug19, Washington: In response to the days-old constitutional assembly announcing that is taking... Full article
    18 people killed in a attack in Burkina Faso
    Aug 14, Ouagadougou: Over eighteen people have been killed and score of people have been... Full article
    Drowning in Deception
    In mid September of 1943, Detroit private detective Sam Flanagan is contacted by the husband of a woman who drowned in their backyard pool six weeks ago. The case has been described by the authorities as “accidental.” But Victor Girard, the husband, has troubling thoughts that continue to linger in his mind. When Sam delves into the case, he questions the deceased’s state of mind that fateful evening in early August. Was this really accidental, or was the end result... Full article
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    June 21, Washington DC: Uber Technologies Inc... Full article

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    Mar 19, Beijing: The Chinese e-commerce giant... Full article

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    Feb.14, Tokyo: Toshiba chairman Shigenori... Full article