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    Take a ride with The Conquistadors

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    Feb 24, Oslo: If all you know about the conquistadors is what you learned in school, or if... Read more

    Ludwika-Finding the missing link

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    Oslo, Feb 14:Soon after the Nazi invasion of her country, Ludwika Gierz was taken from her home... Read more

    The Boy from the Yellow House

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    “Live people were wrapped in barbed wire and thrown downhill”, – this is... Read more

    Stranger at Sunset: a fantastic read

    By : Christoph Fischer

    Sept 17, Oslo: Stranger at Sunset by Eden Baylee is a fantastic read. A group of strangers and... Read more

    Author Interviews

    Writing helps me bring unveil silent voices that have gone unheard: Author Manjushree Thapa Tells The Oslo Times

    June 10, Kathmandu:Author Manjushree Thapa who has been known to have lived her life in a... Read more