Woman stoned to death in Afghanistan

    Woman stoned to death in Afghanistan

    Kabul, Mar 9: The Taliban insurgents have stoned a woman to death for adultery, while they left the man after whipping him, in northeastern Badakhshan province of Afghanistan.

    The tragic incident took place in a remote and restive district of Wardoj, the district administrative chief Dawlat Mohammad Khawar confirmed and said “the woman was stoned to death after facing a trial openly along with the man from the Taliban insurgents”.

    This is not the first time, the Taliban insurgents publically executed a woman over adultery and other charges in Badakhshan, according to the statistics provided by the local officials, the group executed at least five women on various charges during the past two months in this province.
    One of the victims was shot dead by the insurgents after she rejected a marriage proposal from one of their commanders while the another woman was killed after she had left the house of her in laws.

    Badakshan is among the relatively volatile provinces in northeastern Afghanistan which has witnessed growing violence, mainly due to Taliban-led insurgency during the recent years.

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