We Wish all our readers a Merry Christmas

    We Wish all our readers a  Merry Christmas

    This year has been a year filled with global challenges, so, may this Christmas bring with it joy and harmony across the world and to all humanity. We hope this global celebration binds hearts and creates an atmosphere for peace, joy and harmony. Christmas is about giving, sharing and taking care of our loved ones and everyone else especially to those who are less privileged than ourselves. Amidst the wars, terror and tragic incidents lets, let the Christmas Spirit take charge–And, join hands to work together for human solidarity.

    To create and help secure a more friendlier and peaceful world, where we are all treated as equals, where everyone is entitled to their rights and freedom. This past year has been horrific for journalists worldwide as over 40 journalists have been killed while on duty. The horrendous murders of journalists around the left us all in grief as terrorist groups and governments alike capitalized on the impunity against journalists. Be it the worsening treatment of journalists in countries like Turkey or the arrests of journalists in other parts of the world,

    The murder of the innocent people in Syria this year has been horrendous and has raised questions on the respect for human life.We are constantly faced with new challenges, that may continue to plague us in the coming year as well. It would be so easy, to hope that the new year will be better, but things can’t get any better if we don’t face the challenges head on. With problems come solutions so, hopefully, this new year will be a year where we forget about our differences and work towards a solution to the problems we face as one planet.

    On Behalf of The Oslo Times International News Network’s entire team, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

    Dr. Hatef Mokhtar


    The Oslo Times International News Network


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