Voting for new parliament starts in Kyrgyzstan

    Voting for new parliament starts in Kyrgyzstan

    Oct.4, Bishkek: Voting for a new parliament is under way in Kyrgyzstan to elect the country’s parliament for next five years.

    Polling stations across the country of six million people mainly Muslims opened at 0200 GMT, as 14 parties and more than 2,000 candidates battle for seats in the 120-member legislature.

    Voting will conclude at 14:00 GMT with the composition of the new assembly expected to be known shortly thereafter.

    The likely winners are the Social Democrats, who led the outgoing coalition and are still close to President Almazbek Atambayev, even though he formally stepped down as their leader after being elected in 2011.

    For the first time, Kyrgyzstan is using biometric data to prevent voter fraud, but fears about how the data could be used means some residents have not registered, preventing them from taking part in the poll.

    According to government data, more than 2.7 million citizens have registered their biometric data.

    The Oslo Times


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