Virginia multiple shooting gunman was a left wing politician

    Virginia multiple shooting gunman was a left wing politician

    June 15, Washington: The Baseball shooting gunman James “Tom” Hodgkinson,  shot congressman Steve Scalise during an attack on a Republican congressional baseball practice session on Wednesday, was a leftwing political activist with a record of domestic violence.

    According to reports the, 66-year-old died from injuries sustained during a shootout with the US Capitol police as confimed by the department has confirmed.

    Meanwhile, The FBI  is investigating  the whereabouts of the gnman's associates, social media impressions, and potential motivations”.

    Dillon McConnell, a spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said in an email that investigators were at Hodgkinson’s home in Illinois. “We are there assisting the FBI, Belleville police and our other law enforcement partners in the execution of a search warrant,” said McConnell.

    In April 2006, Hodgkinson was arrested for battery, domestic battery and discharging a firearm, after he allegedly physically assaulted his foster daughter and two of her friends.

    A St Clair County sheriff’s department incident report said Hodgkinson threw his daughter around a room, pulled her hair and hit her. He then punched a female friend of his daughter in the face “with a closed fist” and struck the woman’s boyfriend in the head with the stock of his shotgun, before firing a round as the man ran away.

    One day earlier, according to a separate police report, Hodgkinson had badly damaged a wooden bedroom door in a neighbour’s home while searching for his daughter. All the charges were later dismissed.

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