US military camp in Okinawa imposes curfew and ban on alcohol

    US military camp in Okinawa imposes curfew and ban on alcohol

    May 28, Tokyo: The US military has imposed a midnight curfew and an alcohol ban after the arrest of a former Marine officer was arrested for killing a Japanese woman earlier this month.

    "There will be no celebrations and parties while the Okinawan people are in mourning", the military said.The Okinawa military facility is home to approximately 30,000 US troops.The former marine Kenneth Shinzato has not yet been charged, and the Marine Corps commander in Japan Lt Gen Lawrence Nicholson said at a news conference: "We should not be out shooting fireworks... If we really believe we are part of the Okinawan community, then we too must be in mourning. And we do."

    Kenneth Shinzato, a former US military worker in Okinawa, was arrested on suspicion of dumping a woman's body. The body of the 20-year-old woman, missing since April, was found at a location he gave. The Police have said the man admitted abandoning the body. They also suspect he killed her but have not charged him with this yet.

    Meanwhile. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe raised the woman's death with US President Barack Obama ahead of the recent G7 summit in Japan.
    Festivals and concerts at the base have been postponed.

    The Oslo Times


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