US apologises for swimmers behaviour

    US apologises for swimmers behaviour

    Aug.19, Washington: The United States Olympic Committee has apologised for what it called the unacceptable behaviour of four US swimmers who falsely said they had been robbed at gunpoint in Rio.

    Police questioned three of the gold medal winners and say "they were not victims of the crimes they claimed". Two of the four - Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger - were allowed to fly out of Rio on Thursday evening, reports said.

    Ryan Lochte had already left, and James Feigen remains in Brazil. Bentz and Conger had been taken off a plane at Rio airport on Wednesday and taken for questioning.

    Lochte had initially said the four were robbed at gunpoint when they returning by taxi from a club. But Rio's civil police head Fernando Veloso said the four Olympic gold medallists had not been robbed, BBC reported.

    He told reporters that one or more of the athletes had instead vandalised a toilet in a petrol station and then offered to pay for the damage.

    The USOC statement confirmed the version of events given by Mr Veloso, and added that "the behaviour of these athletes is not acceptable, nor does it represent the values of Team USA".

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