US and China agree on cyber truce

    US and China agree on cyber truce

    Sept 26,Washington: American President Barack Obama and the Chinese President Xi Jinping have said they will take new steps to address cybercrime.

    While speaking at a press meet at the White House, President Obama stated that both countries had agreed that neither would engage in cyber economic espionage. According to reports the deal covers the theft of trade secrets but not national security information. President Xi also pledged to limit greenhouse gas emissions.
    Mr Obama said any escalation in China's alleged cybercrimes against the US would prompt sanctions. "It has to stop," he said. "The question is now, are words followed by action?"

    Reflecting on the use of sanctions against either individuals, businesses or state-run companies, he said: "We will apply those, and whatever other tools we have in our tool kit, to go after cybercriminals either retrospectively or prospectively.

    The Oslo Times


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