UN slaps fresh round of sanctions on North Korea

    UN slaps fresh round of sanctions on North Korea

    Spet 12, Pyongyang: The United Nations has imposed fresh sanctions restricting oil imports and ban textile exports as an attempt to starve the North of fuel and income for its weapons programmes.

    The sanctions which came after North Korea went ahead with its sixth and largest nuclear test,  were passed at a UN Security Council meeting on Monday, were met with anger by North Korea.

    A statement on state news agency KNCA warned that if the US did eventually push through harsher sanctions, North Korea would "absolutely make sure that the US pays due price".

    A ban on exports of textiles, which is Pyongyang's second-biggest export worth more than $700m a year and a ban on new visas for North Korean overseas workers, which the US estimates would eventually cut off $500m of tax revenue per year.

    The US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, told the Security Council after the vote: "We don't take pleasure in further strengthening sanctions today. We are not looking for war."A South Korean presidential office spokesman said on Tuesday: "North Korea needs to realise that a reckless challenge against international peace will only bring about even stronger sanctions against them."

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