UK should prepare for difficult times:PM May

    UK should prepare for difficult times:PM May

    Sept 3, London: British Prime MinisterTheresa May on Saturday stated that Britain needs to be prepared for difficult times after the Brexit.

    Speaking to the Andrew Marr Show - in her first major interview since taking office - Mrs May warned Brexit would not be "plain sailing" for the UK. She said formal EU talks will not begin until 2017, but vowed the process would not be "kicked into the long grass".

    Speaking before travelling to China for the G20 summit, Mrs May said she would not pretend that leaving the union would be "plain sailing", despite positive economic figures in the UK since the referendum."We have had some good figures and better figures than some had predicted would be the case. I'm not going to pretend that it's all going to be plain sailing.

    She also stated that the country would "make a success" of leaving the EU, saying she was also "optimistic" about new opportunities for Britain outside the EU.

    The Oslo Times


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