Three HK booksellers to be released soon

    Three HK booksellers to be released soon

    March 3, Beijing: Hong Kong police said three Hong Kong booksellers being held in China will be released within days.

    Police in Guangdong said in a letter to the Hong Kong force that Lui Bo, Lam Wingkei and Cheung Jiping would be bailed pending investigations.
    However, it was unclear whether they would be able to return home and there was no comment on two other booksellers.

    They have all appeared on state TV apparently confessing to smuggling illegal books into China, according to media reports.

    The three men, as well as Swedish national Gui Minhai and British national Lee Bo, are linked to a Hong Kong shop and publisher which sold books critical of mainland China.

    The case has sparked international concern that China could be attempting to rein in freedom of expression in Hong Kong, BBC reported.

    The Oslo Times


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