Thousands of Bangladeshi returning to their shattered homes

    Thousands of Bangladeshi returning to their shattered homes

    June 15, Dhaka: Thousands of Bangladeshi people are returning to their villages destroyed by massive landslides that killed at least 141 people in southeastern Bangladesh .The government offered the victims cash and materials to help build their houses.

    Dilip Kumar Banik, the top government administrator of the area said “About 2,000 people left 13 shelters in hard-hit Bandarban district after its road network was largely restored.”

    "I have lost my wife and my 10-year-old daughter. I have lost everything," Haque said, sobbing. "My life was very difficult, now it has become even more difficult. I do not know why Allah is punishing me this way."Banik said poor laborers and migrants had built homes in endangered areas despite warnings from officials.

    Officials used loudspeakers after torrential rains began on Monday, to ask people to leave their homes for safety,"But that fateful night, the hills started collapsing. They are poor and they do not want to leave their homes, their belongings so easily. They have few options," he said.

    Shah Kamal, secretary of the Ministry of Disaster Management, said agencies were assessing what can be done to prevent such disasters in the future.Officials reported 107 dead and at least 5,000 homes destroyed in Rangamati, where mostly tribal villagers live near a lake surrounded by hills.Many people in hilly regions ignore authorities' calls to avoid constructing homes on slopes.

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