The Paris Ripper

    The Paris Ripper

    Paris, 1931. A vicious killer is on the loose. The city is gripped by fear. The Paris Ripper targets his victims seemingly at will.

    Chief Inspector Belmont steps into a labyrinthine investigation that seems to be getting nowhere. Then, the Paris Ripper taunts the police with the mutilated body of a young woman... ripped open on her own bed... with Belmont's name written in blood on the bedroom wall.

    Despite being distracted by the suspicious death of a colleague and some shady goings on within the police department, Belmont finally starts to make headway in the case. But as the Chief Inspector closes in, The Paris Ripper challenges him face to face in a terrifying confrontation.  

    About the Author
    Seth Lynch is a British author of crime novels. A vegan, he lives in the town of Corsham, England, with his partner and their two young children. 

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