The Man in the Black Fedora - Pulp Fiction

    The Man in the Black Fedora - Pulp Fiction

    The crime rate in New York is soaring. Teams of professional thieves rob an art gallery and museum, while across town hoodlums murder elderly shop owners. From the chaos rises a new hero! His team will challenge the underworld for a reckoning. 

    Kay Shannon, a 22-year-old nightclub entertainer, witnesses her boss dealing drugs with gangsters. The mob goes after her.  Running for her life, Kay meets a rescuer in black. Who is the man in the black fedora? 

    About the Author
    Tom Johnson's life changed when he joined the Army, and it was followed by a 20-year career in law enforcement. He and his wife, Ginger, started the publishing imprint of Fading Shadows where they published a hobby magazine and several genre titles. A voracious reader from an early age, Tom has never stopped reading for pleasure. His interest in multiple genres have often switched from Sci-Fi to Western to hardboiled detectives, the classics, and back to Sci-Fi again over the years. The author is married with children.

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