The Far Right witness record gain in France

    The Far Right witness record gain in France

    Dec 7, Paris: France's far-right National Front (FN) saw record gain in the number of votes in first round of regional polls, held under a state of emergency just three weeks after 130 people were killed in attacks in Paris.

    The growing number of votes for the far-right party which has been against the immigration norms in France shows the impact the Paris attack has e FN came first with at least 30 percent of the vote nationwide and topped the list in at least six of 13 regions, according to estimates from the interior ministry.

    According to reports, FN leader Marine Le Pen and her 25-year-old niece Marion Marechal-Le Pen broke the symbolic 40 percent mark in their respective regions, as they tapped into voter anger over a stagnant economy and security fears linked to Europe's refugee crisis.
    Marine Le Pen, a lawyer by training, welcomed the "magnificent result", saying it proved the FN was "without contest the first party of France".

    The Oslo Times


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