The dawn of a new Statesman: Indian PM Modi visit to Pakistan brings life to drowning relations

    1441023262134.jpg By SS.Fahad Hussain
    The dawn of a new Statesman: Indian PM Modi visit to Pakistan brings life to drowning relations

    Dec 30, Delhi: With the changing times the world is witnessing the new world order, a new dawn of emerging statesman and a charismatic political leadership in making, as the world’s largest democracy and Asia’s 3rd largest economy India grows in influence and stature the paradigm beings to shift towards eastern shores of the world.

    With landmark surprise visit of the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to Pakistan’s in over a decade on the occasion of Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s birthday and his niece marriage ceremony, has brought a fresh lease of life into the drowning relations of these two nuclear rivals.
    This shows the seriousness and dynamism of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that if there is anything which can bring good to India’s national and regional interests then he is ready to take any political risk even if he has to face the backlash from his own party members and leaders of opposition.

    No matter whatever efforts it may take this show his capability and quality to take random and surprised decisions to release the thaw and turn the tables in the national interests which are mostly being focused on the development agenda as was promised by him and his party during the Lok Sabha (lower house) Elections in 2014 which gave his party the landslide victory with vast overwhelmed majority to run strong and stable government at the centre. 

    But in reality, the things seems to be completely different, the Modi-led government has remained only a one man show rather than becoming governance role model which has fallen short of its deliverance and has failed to showcase the vibrant leadership qualities by its various departments.

    This shows its over dependence on Modi and his persona whose steam has been left behind, with the rise in inflation rates like the exorbitant fuel prices in the era of oil price slump, increased fears of intolerance among minorities, the development agenda has lost its sheen and may have fallen prey to the various communal groups, and even from the political parties in opposition who too have become a major roadblock for Modi’s development brigade. Due to which his party and its leadership are now finding themselves in the tangles of their ruthless opposition that has stalled Modi’s major reform process and its vision to frame uniform structures of social uniformity. 

    As the world watches India’s growth story, the global demographics also seeks various answers from India’s politicians, because even though the general public has believed in the Indian leadership, what are the reasons that this government has not been able to function in full throttle so far? Despite the fact that it enjoys vast majority but can be shaken by the slightest of winds even if it is blown by the dummy government in Delhi which too has made a mockery of it. 

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