Afghanistan: IS capture major Taliban stronghold

    Afghanistan: IS capture major Taliban stronghold

    June 16, Kabul: The IS on Thursday allegedly captured a giant cave stronghold the Tora Bora from the Taliban.

    The cave which was  Osama bin Laden’s hideout back in the early 2000s still has strategic  importance according to reports, which also stated that an audio message broadcast on the jihadists’ Radio Khilafat  claimed that the battle was over.

    Meanwhile, The Associated Press reported that IS had launched an assault on Tora Bora late on Tuesday night, and according to Attahullah Khogyani, a provincial official in Nangarhar Skirmishes with the Taliban and local villagers continued into the day, and the terrorist group had seized the vicinity around the mountain stronghold by Wednesday.

    “I can confirm that the IS fighters occupied some areas around Tora Bora, but not Tora Bora itself,” said Khogyani. There has been no statement from the American command or the Kabul government so far.

    The Oslo Times International News Network


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