Syria: Deadly air strikes hit two Aleppo hospitals

    Syria: Deadly air strikes hit two Aleppo hospitals

    Sept.28, Aleppo: Six people were killed in air strikes on two hospitals in rebel-controlled Aleppo as a deadly Syrian government onslaught continued and the civilian death toll climbed.

    A medical association said there were only six hospitals now remaining in the besieged city that has been been pounded by massive aerial bombardment and artillery attacks since a US-Russia implemented ceasefire collapsed last week. 

    "The attack happened at 4am local time [0100 GMT]. One warplane targeted both [hospitals] directly," Adham Sahloul of the Syrian American Medical Society, which supports the hospitals, said on Wednesday.

    "There are only six hospitals currently operational now that the M2 and M10 have been temporarily taken out of service," he said.

    Both hospitals had been targeted in previous aerial attacks, according to Sahloul, who described the bombings as "deliberate".

    Wednesday's attacks were the latest in a major push by the Syrian government to recapture the key northern city that has seen the most intense bombardment of the five-year war in recent days.

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