Super Tuesday to test US presidental candidates

    Super Tuesday to test US presidental candidates

    March 1, Washington: Candidates bidding for their party's ticket in the US presidential elections face their biggest test yet in the so-called Super Tuesday primaries, reports said.

    The super Tuesday is the name given to the day when the largest numbers of US states and given the changes to cast votes for Republican and Democratic candidates.

    Twelve states cast votes for candidates from either the Republican or Democratic parties or both in a contest seen as make-or-break for the hopefuls.
    Contests stretch from Massachusetts in the east to Alaska in the north-west.

    After earlier votes in four states, Donald Trump leads the Republican field and Hillary Clinton the Democratic, according to media reports.

    Senator Ted Cruz cannot afford to lose to Trump in Texas, his home state, while a reverse for Trump in Massachusetts, with its moderate voters, could break the property tycoon's nationwide momentum.

    Clinton is hoping to build on her weekend victory in South Carolina, where she polled heavily among African-Americans, to restore her political fortunes after a bruising defeat in New Hampshire to Bernie Sanders, her self-styled democratic socialist rival.

    On 8 November, America is due to elect a successor to Barack Obama, a Democratic president standing down after two terms in office which have seen the Republicans take control of both houses of Congress, reports said.

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