State secretary Blåfjelldal speaks about, "Emerging forest-based solutions and implications in forest management"

    State secretary Blåfjelldal speaks about, "Emerging forest-based solutions and implications in forest management"

    Oct 7, Oslo: State Secretary State Secretary Hanne Maren Blåfjelldal, yesterday spoke about Forest management and the value of the city forest.

    "Oslo was earlier this year granted the European Forest City 2017 award by the European Forest Institute. We are grateful for this honor, and it is my great pleasure to welcome you all to Oslo and Norway.
    We are now close to the city forests of Oslo - Oslomarka. These forests are dear to the inhabitants of the city and important to our culture, heritage and our current and future wellbeing. We appreciate the opportunity to show the value of our city forest," she said in her address.

    According to her, most people in the city have a close personal relationship to the forest, the landscape, its plants, animals and the value it creates. "The forest is crowded with people, hiking during summer, picking blueberries or mushrooms in the autumn, and cross-country skiing during winter times.In addition to the beauty and benefits of the forests of Oslo – they provide a unique possibility to teach us the importance of forests and its benefits for human beings," she added.

    Norway this year is celebrating the 100th  anniversary of forest research, as the first ever forest inventory in the world was established in Oslo in 1919. 

    The state secretary also spoke about, sustainable forest management and how people and forests go hand in hand. "In Norway, we are more people than before – and at the same time, forests are expanding. The recently mentioned forest inventory shows that we have three times the volume in our forest now compared to 1919. At that time, Norwegian forests were degraded and could not support our basic needs. And Norway would probably have qualified for REDD+ programs," she said.

    She further added that  forests can manage well without people, but people cannot manage well without forests. Forest policies are about people. "The Norwegian government looks forward to the continuous cooperation with the European Forest Institute."

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