Spain to activate article 155 to restrict Catalonian autonomy

    Spain to activate article 155 to restrict Catalonian autonomy

    Oct 19, Madrid: Spain will begin to suspend Catalonia's autonomy from Saturday, as the region's leader threatens to declare independence.

    The government today stated that the ministers would meet to activate Article 155 of the constitution, which allows the government to to take over running of the region.Catalans voted to secede in a referendum outlawed by Spain.Some fear the latest moves could spark further unrest after mass demonstrations before and since the ballot on 1 October.Spain's supreme court declared the vote illegal and said it violated the constitution, which describes the country as indivisible.

    Article 155 of the constitution, which cemented democratic rule three years after the death of dictator General Francisco Franco in 1975, allows Madrid to impose direct rule in a crisis but it has never been invoked.The Catalan crisis is reaching breaking point but we have to be careful here. Nothing will happen from one day to the next.
    Political rhetoric aside, both the Spanish government and Catalan regional leaders know sentiments are running so high across Spain at the moment, that millions are poised to take to the streets.

    Once the shopping list of measures has been decided, the Catalan leader has the right of reply and we're told there is no legal window of opportunity for him to do so, meaning this could take days or weeks.
    Finally, the Spanish Senate needs to approve the measures.

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