South Africa president Jacob Zuma faces impeachment vote

    South Africa president Jacob Zuma faces impeachment vote

    April 5, Cape Town: Parliament in South Africa is due to vote on an opposition-sponsored motion to impeach President Jacob Zuma.

    The Democratic Alliance (DA) said he was no longer fit to govern after the country's highest court ruled last week that he had breached the constitution by failing to repay public money used to upgrade his private residence.

    The governing African National Congress (ANC) is expected to defeat the motion. It denounced the impeachment proceedings as a publicity stunt, report said.

    The DA said it would demand a secret ballot in the hope that ANC backbenchers would defy the party by helping it obtain the two-thirds majority - 267 MPs out of 400 - required in the lower house, the National Assembly, to impeach Zuma.

    However, speaker Baleka Mbete has rejected the proposal, saying it is not allowed in terms of parliamentary rules, local media reports say.

    The DA has 89 seats in parliament and all opposition parties combined 151.

    The Oslo Times


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