Snowden denies being Russian pawn at tech conference

    Snowden denies being Russian pawn  at tech conference

    Mar 22, Berlin: NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden at the technology conference CeBIT in Germany has denied being Russia’s “pawn,” and predicted that the NSA’s spying practices are unlikely to change under Donald Trump.
    A day after FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Michael Rogers appeared before the House Select Committee on Intelligence, Snowden discussed the accusations of Russian interference in the US election. While stating the allegations were plausible, Snowden told those gathered at the conference in Hanover that “we haven't seen any real evidence out of the FBI of it.” Snowden was later asked: “Are you a pawn right now for the Russian president when he talks to President Trump?” The whistleblower stated that he was not a “powerful influential figure” who could change things and was expendable to Russia.

    “Russian influence in the election needs to be investigated and if they are found to have been, they need to be held accountable to the law,” Snowden said later. He added that if they were found to be interfering, this was nothing new and that every country’s intelligence agencies interfere in elections.

    “Foreign interference is a common thing,” he said. “If elections have been interfered with throughout history why does this one matter?”

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