Skiers venture into Iraq to Ski on Zagros Mountain

    Skiers venture into Iraq to Ski on Zagros Mountain Skiing on Zagros Mountains in Iraq, Photo Courtesy: Untamed Borders

    Feb 6, Oslo: Earlier last month a small group of skiers from USA, Denmark, Slovenia, UK and Australia went to Iraq, to ski in the Zagros mountains near Choman and to compete at the Iraq Ski Rally, which is part of the Choman winter festival.

    The Zagros Mountains form the largest mountain range in Iraq, southeastern Turkey and Iran, the range  begins in northwestern Iran and roughly corresponds to Iran's western border, and it spans the whole length of the western and southwestern Iranian plateau, ending at the Strait of Hormuz. The highest point in the Zagros Mountains is Dena which lieas at an altitude of 14,465 ft.

    According to Untamed Borders, Ski lessons were also condected by the race organizers to train local skiers, both men and women. This included members of the newly founded Choman Backcountry Ski Club as well as ladies from the nearby town of Choman - one of whom is a Peshmerga soldier and trained female divisions to fight ISIS.

    The Iraq Ski Rally was won by an Australian skier called Ben Drew with Reyband Hussain, one of the skiers from Choman coming in 3rd.

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