Singapore's first Woman President to take office amidst controversy

    Singapore's first Woman President to take office amidst controversy

    Sept 13, Singapore: Singapore's  first female president, Halimah Yacob, who is a popular public figure, will begin her presidency amidst racial controversy.

    Although, Halimah was widely expected to win the presidential election, she was 'Selected, not elected' and there hasn't been and won't be an election - she just got the job in a "walkover" because there were no other eligible candidates.

     Her win  today was apparent partly because of the loyalty for Peoples Action Party( PAP,) which has won every election in Singapore since independence in 1965 and partly because the government tightly controls the media and political freedoms.

    As the head of state, the president plays a largely ceremonial role and doesn't hold much power, apart from having some say in the use of Singapore's hefty financial reserves. Still, many were looking forward to exercising their vote this time round, and were angry to hear on Monday that Halimah was the only candidate.

    Meanwhile, Halimah Yacob's supporters with a doll of her are thrilled to see her become president.  This controversy has led to some jokes online about the president being "selected, not elected". 

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