Shootings spreads to Ivory Coast’s commercial capital in armed revolt

    Shootings spreads to Ivory Coast’s commercial capital in armed revolt

    Dec 7, Abidjan: Fresh Gunfire has been heard in Ivory Coast's commercial hub, Abidjan, as well as several other cities after security officials began an armed revolt in the country, according to reports.

    The shootings occurred on the heels of gunfire in the city of Bouake, which the army ended last night.  According to Reuters, a military camp in Abidjan base is now also a battleground. “Shooting has started in our camp too now,” a soldier told Reuters.

    The soldiers had first forced their way into the Bouake military headquarters with demands just after midnight on Friday. They then moved to take two smaller cities – Daloa and Korogho. The cities of Odienne and Daoukro were also hit by the mutiny, but according to a televised statement by Ivory Coast's defense minister, the situation has since been brought under control.

    Fighting is reportedly still ongoing in Bouake, a city of half a million, and center of a rebellion that took control of the country in 2002, until a 2011 uprising reunited the northern and southern parts. Most of those involved in the uprising appear to be former rebels.

    Earlier on Friday, people in Korhogo and Daloa also described heavily armed units controlling the streets and roads.  The soldiers are allegedly demanding five million CFA francs ($8,000) each, as well as a new house.Similarly, according to reports the government has not made good on its earlier promises from 2014, which supposedly triggered the current revolt. However, it is not seen as anything more than a pay dispute this time around – instead of a real cause for concern.

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