Save the Children in Afghanistan attacked by Suicide bombers

    Save the Children in Afghanistan attacked by Suicide bombers

    Jan 24, Kabul: Attackers have detonated explosives and stormed into the offices of the Save the Children in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad.

    So far two people are known to have been killed and 12 injured, officials say. It is believed about 50 staff were in the building at the time.Over three gunmen are involved in the attack, reports say, with fighting continuing on the upper floor.

    No group has yet said it was behind the attack.

    According to the local media, the attack started at about 09:10 local time,Wednesday when a suicide bomber detonated a vehicle explosive at the entrance to the Save the Children compound.

    An eyewitness who was inside the compound at the time told AFP news agency that he saw a gunman hitting the main gate with a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG).Earlier, one WhatsApp message, reported by AFP to be from an employee, had read: "I can hear two attackers... They are looking for us. Pray for us... Inform the security forces."

    There are several other aid agencies in the area, along with government offices.

    Jalalabad, near the border with Pakistan, is often targeted by Taliban militants but it is also a stronghold for the Islamic State group, whose fighters have been active there since 2015.

    The latest attack comes days after Taliban gunmen stormed a luxury hotel in Kabul killing at least 22 people, mostly foreigners.

    But in a Twitter message the group denied carrying out the Jalalabad attack.

    A statement from Save the Children said the group was "devastated" at the news of the attack, adding: "Our primary concern is for the safety and security of our staff."

    It added: "We are awaiting further information from our team and cannot comment further at this time."

    The UN's mission in Afghanistan said: "Attacks directed at civilians or aid organisations are clear violations of international humanitarian law and may amount to war crimes."

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