Saudi diplomat alleged raping Nepali maid

    Saudi diplomat alleged raping Nepali maid

    Sept.13, New Delhi: India has called the Saudi Arabia ambassador to cooperate with the investigation on allegation over rape case against two Nepalese maid.  The women, aged 30 and 50, have filed complaints with police alleging the diplomat beat and sexually assaulted them while they were imprisoned at his apartment in Gurgaon.

    The two Nepalese women, who were rescued from the Gurgaon flat of a Saudi diplomat, had probably been sexually assaulted by over 20 men over a period of time.

    The two women had shared with police this shocking detail, but the police were waiting for more confirmation. Medical tests - performed twice - gave a clear indication of the brutality the two had to suffer. The women had even claimed that sometimes seven or eight men would take turns in raping them.

    And now CCTV footage taken from Caitriona Apartments clearly shows the diplomat, a first secretary at the Saudi embassy, had around 22 regular visitors. All of them came dressed in the traditional Saudi attire, complete with the keffiyeh or headgear. In one such footage, the diplomat is seen welcoming his friends at the entrance of his 6,750-sq feet apartment.

    The police in charge of the investigation, after examining the CCTV footage, have handed it over to the DCP (east) office. The police have also requested MEA for permission to question the diplomat and his wife, who are now staying in the embassy.

    If the Saudis send the diplomat home, it would amount to an admission of guilt, and weaken the line they have taken that the first secretary is innocent and is being framed. On its part, India could provide the Saudis a face-saver by expelling the diplomat - as it would allow the Saudis to stick to their line that their man was innocent - but that would open up the possibility of a retaliatory expulsion of an Indian diplomat from Riyadh. And India does not want relations between the two countries to suffer, especially with about three million Indians working there.

    The Oslo Times


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