Saudi Arabia King orders probe into Hajj stampede

    Saudi Arabia King orders probe into Hajj stampede

    Sept.25, Riyadh: King of Saudi Arabia Salman has ordered a safety review for the annual Hajj pilgrimage after at least 719 people died and 863 injured in a stampede near the holy city of Mecca.

    Two million pilgrims were taking part in the Hajj's last major rite on Thursday. It is the deadliest incident to occur during the pilgrimage in 25 years.

    Meanwhile, Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Nayef,  who chairs the Saudi Hajj committee also ordered the probe during a meeting on Thursday with senior officials responsible for the pilgrimage in Mina, where the stampede took place.

    The findings of the investigation will be submitted to King Salman, "who will take appropriate measures" in response, local media reported. 

    About 4,000 people from rescue services were participating in the operation to help the injured and about 220 ambulances were directed to the scene.
    The Oslo Times


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