Russian President calls for stricter control over cyberspace

    Russian President calls for stricter control over cyberspace

    July 6, Moscow: The Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for coordinated efforts to tackle cyber crime and urged the leaders of major economies to draft international norms and regulations, under the auspices of the UN, that would not infringe on civil liberties.

    According t reports, the G20 summit which is taking place in Hamburg will see an unprecedented drive by the world’s largest economies to establish a joint coordinated effort to tackle cyberattacks on the global banking system.

    Cyberattacks have intensified across the globe in recent months. Just last week, Ukraine was hit by massive malware attacks targeting the country’s government, banks and business’, as well as the capital’s airports. The virus later spread, crippling computer systems across the globe. Cybersecurity specialists say the attack was the same virus that affected Russian oil company Rosneft and a number of other European companies.

    The Oslo Times International News Network/Agencies


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