Romania has gender equality and freedom of speech: Daniel Ionita Ambassador of Romania

    Romania has gender equality and freedom of speech: Daniel Ionita Ambassador of Romania

    Thursday 04 April, 2013 – THE OSLO TIMES EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS –

    (L) Mr. Daniel Ionita honorable Ambassador of Romania to Norway in exclusive session with Editor in Chief of The Oslo Times Mr. Hatef Mokhtar (R)

    The Oslo Times Editor in Chief Mr. Hatef Mokhtar was invited for an exclusive session with the honourable Ambassador of Romania to the Kingdom of Norway, Mr. Daniel Ionita. The meeting lasted about 30 minutes and a wide range of issues were discussed in relation to Romania and its position within the EU.

    Clearing misinformation and misconceptions spread across the region and the globe about Romania and its systems, the Ambassador mentioned strongly that the country has made remarkable progress in areas of human rights and freedom of speech, particularly in adherence to standards set by the EU.

    There is still room for development, which is, for every country, a continuous process to keep reforming its system and policies.

    After the fall of the Iron Curtain (Communist regime) and with the lifting of censorship and media restrictions, there has been a considerable growth experienced in Romanian media and press institutions; today, Romania has 40 TV channels, state or privately owned, which was earlier not possible, during the initial transition period of Romanian politics. Nowadays, press enjoys complete freedom, which is at par with the rest of Europe.

    In addition to rejecting the wrong perceptions about the Romanian society and its culture in regards to tourism and social integration, Mr. Ionita said that “We are a country with rich culture, heritage and history with great hospitality”, the negative image being portrayed by media and various human rights organizations around the world about Romania is what people are being told of, but, in fact, reality is much better. Romania and its people now enjoy a substantial level of freedom of speech and gender equality, which has also been safeguarded and guaranteed under our constitution for protecting the rights of the people.

    In the last two decades, Romania has become more progressive towards the formation of a multicultural society and a more integrated one with the rest of Europe and the world. The economic situation of Romania, even when the EU is going through difficult times, is experiencing high economic growth and better stability in terms of social development and prosperity, which are even better than those of neighbouring countries.

    The country has introduced considerable reforms for its labour and industry, which have now made it possible for Romania to have achieved the lowest unemployment rate in the entire Europe.

    Mr. Mokhtar embraced the policies the Romanian government introduced and appreciated the kind of prospects that highlights Romania as the progressive and socially integrated role model that the country has become over the years for its East European neighbours and also for the rest of the world.

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