Rodrigo Duterte sworn in as president of Philippines

    Rodrigo Duterte sworn in as president of Philippines Rodrigo Duterte

    June 30, Manila: Rodrigo Duterte has been sworn in as 16th president of the Philippines, after a landslide election victory in May. Over 600 guests and millions more were watching on television and online, crowning a rise from little-known mayor to leader of a huge nation.

    Duterte, 71, the controversial former mayor of Davao City,  overthrew the political establishment, promising a "bloody war" on crime and action on corruption.

    His youngest child by his side holding the family bible, Duterte was sworn in at noon on Thursday in Manila, declaring before a Supreme Court justice that he would "preserve and protect" the constitution, which analysts say will likely see major changes during his six years in office, Al Jazeera reported.

    At his inaugural speech he promised to make sweeping changes to the country's political system.

    He said: "The erosion of faith in our judicial system. The erosion of confidence in the capacity of our public servants to make the people's lives better, safer and healthier."

    In a nod to his millions of followers on social media, Duterte's inauguration was broadcast online using Facebook Live, allowing Filipino workers abroad, who overwhelmingly voted for him, to witness the event. 

    Under the constitution, Duterte and the new vice-president, Leni Robredo, will both serve a single six-year term.

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