Republican presidental hopefuls clash over how to stop IS

    Republican presidental hopefuls clash over how to stop IS

    Dec 16, Washington: Since the terrorist attacks in California and Paris, Republican presidential hopefuls sparred over how to stop the so-called Islamic State (IS) in the first debate.

    The national security focus yielded heated exchanges between Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio who clashed on surveillance and immigration policy, media reports said.

    Jeb Bush also sought to revive his struggling campaign by forcefully attacking front-runner Donald Trump. He has sharply criticised Trump in a debate for proposing to ban Muslims from entering the United States, calling him a "chaos candidate" adept at delivering one-liners.

    Trump was on the defensive early in the debate for his proposed ban on Muslims entering the US, saying "We are not talking about religion, we are talking about security."

    Most of Trump's Republican rivals, as well as officials and leaders in the US and around the globe, have criticised Trump's proposal although many of his supporters have voiced sympathy with his views.

    The debate quickly expanded to broader issues of foreign policy and national security, according to media reports.

    The candidates repeatedly addressed heightened fears of terrorism in the US on the same day an emailed threat shut down Los Angeles' school system.

    The Oslo Times


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