PMOI remains political threat to Iranian regime’s legitimacy.

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    PMOI remains political threat to Iranian regime’s legitimacy.

    Aug.3, Tehran: Former aid to the White House, Linda Chavez, has spoken about the role of the demilitarized PMOI (People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran) and it’s role in obtaining bipartisan regime change in Iran. Ms. Chavez spoke about this to The Media Express during her attendance at this year’s annual gathering of Iranian diaspora in Paris.

    Ms. Chavez’s commentary couldn’t be disentangled from her position as a human rights’ advocate, and chair of the US Center of Equal Opportunity; and referred to July’s missile attacks on Camp Liberty where over 40 PMOI members including family escaped with no fatalities:

    “I believe the People’s Mujahedin [Organization of Iran] (PMOI) who are held in Camp Liberty are the chief resistance to the Iranian regime and on those attacks the Iraqi government has looked the other way, and in some cases the militias and some of the troops from that government have helped perpetrate these horrendous acts against the people in Camp Liberty.”

    Switching to explore the reasoning for relentlessly attacks Camp Liberty in spite of the US agreement to protect its residents and family members, Ms. Chavez impressed that “the attacks by the Iranian supported groups within Iraq on Camp Liberty are aimed at trying to destroy the resistance.” And on its method to grind down the resistance:

    [The regime] is very intent on causing great harm to the people who are still held in Camp Liberty in Iraq, and that is primarily because the Iranian resistance movement is the greatest threat to its stability, and which has launched numerous attacks in 5 or so year. In the last few years alone they’ve killed 100’s of people in the course of their various attacks.”

    As part of an international community of delegates many voices condemned the attacks, including Italian senator Lucha Melang; initially challenging the US’s obligation to protect the PMOI members who live in refugee conditions in Camp Liberty. But without obvious US military presence on the ground in Iraq the US has difficulty enacting its promise, and so reaction may be deferred to the Iraqi government, particularly to investigate and hold accountable the perpetrators of the attacks.

    Yet with neither US nor Iraqi intervention a implausible option, the challenge to assure the security and safety of the main Iranian resistance group, responsibility fall stedfastly into the hands of the Albanian delegation attending the 9th July 2016 annual gathering. Standing alongside one another, the former Defense Minister Fatmir Mediu and Prime Minister Pandeli Majko said it would play a bigger role for accepting PMOI members to safeguard them from the dangers they face in Iraq.

    Though until this is realized and it may not yet happen, Ms. Melang outlined the pacifist role of the PMOI pertaining to the pervasive wisdom that the continued peaceful resolve shown by the PMOI is weakening the legitimacy of the mullahs’ regime:

    “It should be an obligation of the all the international organizations for all the free countries to defend the people of Camp Liberty and Camp Ashraf. [July’s] missile assault against people who have no weapons and who are pacifist, who are under the control of the place where they are, it’s absolutely shameful. It should [cause] a widespread upheaval to defend the rights of the people who have the status of refugee under the international conventions.”

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