Small plane with 21 on board missing in Nepal

    Small plane with 21 on board missing in Nepal

    Feb 24, Kathmandu: A small plane with 21 people including two foreigners on board  has gone missing in west Nepal on Wednesday due to poor visibility over mountainous terrain, officials said.

    The Twin Otter aircraft, operated by Tara Air, was carrying 18 passengers and a crew of three on a flight from Pokhara, 125 km (80 miles) west of Kathmandu, to Jomsom when it lost contact with the control tower.

    Airport official Yogendra Kuwar said that the plane was on an 18-minute flight, but lost contact after takeoff. He said that there were no landing strips between the two airports the plane was flying between and it is believed to have crashed.

    Two helicopters are on a search-and-rescue mission, Pokhara airport official Yogendra Kunwar said.

    The Oslo Times


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