Pakistan planning new military operation in Afghanistan against terrorists

    Pakistan planning new military operation in Afghanistan against terrorists

    Feb. 22, Islamabad: Pakistani authorities say to the local media that Pakistan has allowed the military forces to initiate ground operation against the terrorists on Afghan territory.

    Pakistan is ceaselessly accused for sheltering and accoutering the terrorist, as foreign policy, by its neighboring country, Afghanistan.

    Pakistan parliament approved the military operation on Afghan soil, after in hand  evidence, indicated the terrorists responsible for the recent attacks in Pakistan, used Afghan soil to arrange the attacks, said the finance minister of Pakistan, Eshaq Dar to VOA.

    The attacks, during the last two weeks in Pakistan’s cities, produced over hundreds casualties. Pakistan authorities blamed neighboring countries, Afghanistan and India, responsible for the attacks.

    Pakistan’s parliament discussed, conducting military operations against terrorism in Afghanistan. while over hundreds of missiles fired on Afghan soil during the last week, by Pakistan’s army, claimed by Afghan authorities.

    Predecessor president of Pakistan, Parvaz Musharraf, claimed Afghan intelligence playing into India hands, persisting on his pervious stance against Afghanistan.

    “This operation (Zarb-e-Azb) cleaned up all the camps and launching pads of terrorists, who were supported by the Indian spy agency with the collaboration of NDS, to destabilize the tribal areas,” he said, pointing to recent military operation by Pakistan on Afghanistan’s soil.


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