Pakistan bans Shah Rukh Khan latest movie Raees

    Pakistan bans Shah Rukh Khan latest movie Raees

    Feb.7, Islamabad: Pakistan has banned Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan's latest movie, Raees, media reports say citing its distributor in Pakistan.

    The film, which also stars Pakistani actor Mahira Khan, was scheduled to open across Pakistan on 2 February.

    The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has not issued an official statement on why it banned the film. However, a CBFC official told BBC Urdu one reason was that the crime thriller "depicts Muslims as criminals and terrorists".

    Some of the scenes were also "offensive to a particular sect", the official added.

    Shia Muslims in India had objected to action sequences involving an annual Shia religious procession when the official movie trailer was released in December.

    The storyline of Raees revolves around the character of Raees Alam, a Muslim mafia don who builds an alcohol empire in the western Indian state of Gujarat, where the consumption and sale of liquor is prohibited.

    An official from Ever Ready Pictures, which has distribution rights in Pakistan, told the BBC the film was considered by the CBFC on Friday. They were told on Monday that the board had decided to ban the film.

    Nadim Mandviwala, who owns the Attrium Cinemas, told BBC Urdu that Raees was a "major film" and that a ban on it "is not good for business, but if the government thinks it may spark religious unrest, then perhaps it's the right decision".

    However Pakistani film director Jami Mehmood was critical of the decision.

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