Outcry in Turkey over transgender woman's murder

    Outcry in Turkey over transgender woman's murder

    Aug.21, Ankara: The murder of Hande Kader, a transgender woman, has caused an outcry in Turkey's biggest city Istanbul.

    Turkey remains conservative on LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) issues, but on Sunday activists will stage a rare protest in Istanbul, BBC from Turkey reported. 

    Davut Dengiler describes his 23-year-old flatmate, Hande Kader, whose body was found in a forest in Istanbul last week. Kader, a sex worker, was last seen entering a client's car one night. Dengiler had hoped she was still alive but he found her body in Istanbul's morgue for unidentified persons.

    He explained Kader's reaction to the deaths of other trans people: "She would go crazy when trans individuals were killed. She'd be so sad... She
    had been stabbed and beaten before. This didn't happen only to Hande. It happens to all of them."

    LGBTI activists protest against violence towards trans people, but the rest of Turkish society rarely reacts.

    Under the state of emergency, declared after the failed coup attempt of 15 July, restrictions on demonstrations are in place. But for the first time, famous figures in Turkey have joined the calls to raise awareness of Ms Kader's murder and to take part in a demonstration scheduled for Sunday evening in Istanbul, media reprots said.

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