Opposition wins majority in Venezuela legislative elections

    Opposition wins majority in Venezuela legislative elections

    Dec 7, Caracas: Venezuela’s opposition party won the majority in legislative elections over the ruling socialists for the first time in 17 years. Leaders were celebrating victory ahead of official results that could alter the country's balance of power after almost two decades of socialist rule.

    Hours after polls closed, several opposition leaders took to the internet to announce that their sources showed they had won a majority of seats in the National Assembly for the first time since 1998. But no official results released and the ruling socialist party not commenting, their claims could not be confirmed.

    President Nicolas Maduro had repeatedly vowed in recent weeks to take to the streets and defend the socialist system built by his mentor the late President Hugo Chavez if his party lost, though on Sunday, he appeared to change his tone, news reports said.

    If confirmed, it would be the opposition's first major electoral victory since Chavez became president, with Venezuelans tired of rampant crime, routine shortages of basic goods and inflation pushing well into triple digits.

    The Oslo Times


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