Attack on Westminster happens on the anniversary of the Belgian attacks

    Attack on Westminster happens on the anniversary of the Belgian attacks

    Mar 22, London: Although the exact motivations behind the vehicle and knife attacks outside Parliament in London remains unclear,  observers have noted that the incident occurred on the anniversary of the multiple Islamist attacks on the Belgian capital on March 22, 2016.

    “These incidents are obviously very concerning indeed, coming as they do on the first anniversary of the Brussels terror attacks,” Tom Elliott, an Ulster Unionist MP, told the Belfast Telegraph.

    Wednesday’s attack appeared to happen in several stages: at first a car reportedly mowed down multiple pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, before crashing into the perimeter of the Parliament building.
    According to  reports,MPs had to be placed under lockdown, while Prime Minister Theresa May was evacuated from Westminster.The Brussels attack last year followed a different format, but both incidents share features of recent jihadist attacks, while terrorists have also often chosen significant dates and anniversaries to carry out their plans.

    Today's attack in London falls on the 1-year anniversary of the Brussels attack (could be a coincidence).

    The Brussels attack consisted of three coordinated suicide bombings by three Belgian-Moroccan citizens, two in the city’s airport, and one in the central Maalbeek metro station, occurring one hour afterwards.

    The organizers, several of whom did not participate directly, had criminal records, and several had traveled to Syria to fight for Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), or were under the influence of radical preachers in Europe.

    Meanwhile, The London Police has confirmed tthe death of the Police officer who wasstabbed during the attack. One Assailant  Shot down by Police, Scotland Yard, and an injured woman was pulled out alive from Thames.

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