Norway to spend an extra 17.5 mn on de-radicalization programs

    Norway to spend an extra 17.5 mn on de-radicalization programs

    The Norwegian government has decided to spend an additional 17.5 million NOK for de-radicalization programs in an effort to fight terrorism.

    Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg called for an increased action against radicalizing as early as October last year as at least 80 Norwegians are thought to have traveled to countries like Syria and Iraq to fight holy wars.

    Over the past year, Europe has witnessed an all round growth in radicalization of various forms, from youngsters leaving home to become jihadists to the fathoming of white supremacist groups and the radical right groups. While talking to the Oslo Times in an eexclusive interview, Thor Haakon Edquistll, Mayor of Halden, had stated that extremism is a problem in many Norwegian cities.

    “This is a problem in many of our cities in Norway. We have also received information about people here going to Syria. One of them is a native from Halden and the other was an immigrant from Iraq,” he told the Oslo Times.

    Edquistill further revealed that they have joined a group established by the government, that consists of 35 other towns across Norway, in an effort to join hands against extremism. “We have also had meetings with the leaders in the local mosque and the Muslim organization here on how to work effectively on mitigating extremist ideologies”, he said before adding that the schools in Halden and police are also actively involved in the cause.

    The Oslo Times


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