Norway along with 57 countries to stop trading of goods used for executions or torture

    Norway along with 57 countries to stop trading of goods used for executions or torture

    Sept 20, Oslo: Last night, the International Alliance for Torture Free Trade was formally launched at the UN General Assembly in New York. State Secretary Tone Skogen stood for Norway's association to the alliance. The Alliance is a cooperation project undertaken by the European Union (EU), Argentina and Mongolia, with a total of 58 participating countries. The aim is to stop any trade in products used for torture or executions.  

    International law today prohibits torture in any context. In spite of this, torture tools are globally traded, such as metal sticks, electric shock belts, connectors, which hold people while they get electric shock, and toxins and injection systems used to drive people.

    "These products have no other purpose than to inflict terrible pain and kill people. We can never allow them to be sold as any other item. I am very pleased that so many countries from all over the world have joined the joint declaration and become with the Alliance. By standing together, we show that we will no longer tolerate this form of trade, "said EU Commerce Commissioner Cecilia Malmström.

    58 countries from around the world joined yesterday to a joint political declaration, including countries from all over Africa, North and South America, Europe and Asia. By joining the alliance, the countries have agreed on four action points: 

    To take the necessary precautions to control and limit the export of these goods;To equip customs authorities with necessary tools. The Alliance will establish a platform for monitoring trade flows, exchanging information and identifying new products;

    To provide technical assistance to help countries to design and implement laws to ban this trade;
    Exchange of good practice and experience for effective control and enforcement systems.

    Partly due to stricter legislation in the EU and elsewhere, preparations for mortal injections have become more difficult to obtain and more expensive to buy. But manufacturers and dealers of these goods try to circumvent such laws, so the more countries that commit to ban their exports, the more effective are the measures to put an end to the trade. The Alliance for Torture Free Trade is a concrete step to stopping trade in such goods worldwide and making it significantly harder to get them.

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