North Korea has fired four ballistic missiles into sea

    North Korea has fired four ballistic missiles into sea

    Mar 6, Pyongyang: North Korea has launched four ballistic missiles towards the Sea of Japan.Three of them fell into Japan's exclusive economic zone  after flying some 1,000km (620 miles).

    The Japanese Priemer Shinzo Abe has called this a new stage of threat as it has entered Japanese waters.The type of missile in unclear but the North is banned from any missile or nuclear tests by the UN. A South Korean military official said a launch had taken place at 07:36 local time Monday (22:36 GMT Sunday) and was being investigated to determine the type of projectile used.

    The US military said later it had detected and tracked a launch but had determined that it did not pose a threat to North America.
    On Friday, Pyongyang threatened to fire missiles in response to the Foal Eagle military exercises under way between South Korea and the US. The North sees the annual drills as preparation for an invasion against it.

    The Oslo Times International News Network


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