Nigerians celebrate World Hijab day with a message against Boko Haram

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    Nigerians celebrate World Hijab day with a message against  Boko Haram

    Feb 3,Kaduna: As part of their fundamental human rights to religion, Nigerian Muslim women joined their counterparts around the world to celebrate  the world Hijab day in the country.

    The women who came out in multitudes to celebrate the Hijab Day marched around major streets of Lagos State South West part of the country  to exercise their fundamental rights. 

    It could be recalled that due to the incessant suicide attacked carried out by female Boko Haram suicide bombers mostly in north East part of the country many are times used hijab to hide their explosives made women and security agents worried.

    This made Presidential Muhammadu Buhari at his maiden Media Chat since he became president to openly said if such attacks by the insurgents continues his government may ban use of hajib in the country.

    His comment generated uproar and condemnation from Muslims groups across the country which made the presidency to immediately withdrew that statement.

    Nigeria is a country were  60 percent of its citizens are muslims and are mustly found in North and South West parts of the country.

    Therefore, the women group while celebrating the day  urged government not to ban hijab in the country, and implore Muslim women to be proud of themselves with their Hijab.

    A Muslim women group named Al-Mu’minaat in a statement  congratulated all Muslim women on the World Hijab day marked on Sunday 31 January, 2016.

    The statement was signed by National Secretary General of the organization, Hajia Kudirat Adelase-Adedeji released  at Sagamu, Ogun State South West Nigeria.

    " We congratulates all lovers of  Hijab and Islam, irrespective of creed, race or inclination, because the celebration encourages Muslim and non-Muslim women to know more about Hijab, and experience the life of a Hijabi.

    " 2016 World Hijab Day is a passionate call to Nigerians and humanity in general to observe hijab. We are a nation in dire need of a clean slate, it is therefore incumbent on us to adopt the concept of hijab in all aspects of our lives;

    " the change that we clamour for as a nation can only be achieved when we collectively and deliberately clean up the indecencies in our system (Allah will not change the affairs of a people until they change what is in their hearts).

    "Boko Haram is our common enemy, and not Muslim Hijabis. Women and children generally are the victims of the evils being perpetrated by the Boko Haram. Let us collectively as a people join hands with the present government to fight insurgency and not victimize or harass innocent and law abiding citizens of our great nation Nigeria," the statement reads.

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