Nigeria to collaborate with Niger republic, Pakistan on Hajj Economic benefits  

    1454093731394.jpg By Mohammad Ibrahim
    Nigeria to collaborate with Niger republic, Pakistan on Hajj Economic benefits   Pilgrims in Makka..Photo Mohammad Ibrahim

    (Abuja)The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has planned to collaborate with Republic of Niger and Pakistani Hajj Missions to improve the quality and management of Hajj affairs in the world. Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and every  Muslim is expected to embark on a journey to Saudi Arabia to perform hajj  ones in his or her life time, particularly those who can afford it financially. 

     Nigeria's Chairman Abdullahi Mukhtar Muhammed who visited the offices of the two countries stated that a collaborative effort between the Hajj affairs managers would not only help to improve Hajj services but also forge the spirit of brotherhood among the Muslims countries.     He therefore stressed the need to strengthen the current relationship between the various Hajj missions with a view to learn more  from each other and render help in case of need. 

    According to him, this collaboration will not only enhances improve services to the pilgrims but also uplift the management of Hajj affairs.  "We have chosen this path of consultation and collaboration with our brother Hajj missions to learn and share our experiences, so that together we can improve Hajj services to our pilgrims. We hope that our visit will open a new chapter in broadening the mutual friendship and spirit of brotherhood between our respective missions ,he  added.  

      At the Niger Republic Hajj Mission,  the NAHCON boss expressed appreciation to their ambassador for the brotherly love and support extended to him and canvassed for a strategic partnership to explore the economic benefit derivable from Hajj to grow the two countries domestic economy especially in the exports of local food items to Saudi Arabia.   

    The head of the Nigerien  Hajj mission, Garba Bello, expressed delight at the visit, adding that both nations shared ethnic,linquistic, cultural and religious affinity and are therefore bound to cooperate and assist each other.       Similarly, the Director-General of the Pakistani Hajj Mission, Dr Sajid Yousafari,  expressed appreciation for the visit and pledged to offer the mission's assistance to NAHCON in the area of ICT development and deployment. 

    The DG who outlined the structure, and functions of the various sectors of the Hajj Mission in Makkah and Medina said the country's over 143 000 pilgrims allocation is shared equally between the Government Hajj scheme and the country's 460 private Tour companies adding that the government scheme cater for middle and economy pilgrims while the private tour companies cater for the upper class.