Nigeria: UNICEF lauds traditional ruler for Commitment on child survival

    1454093731394.jpg By Mohammad Ibrahim
    Nigeria: UNICEF lauds traditional ruler for Commitment on child survival

    Abuja, May 17: United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), Country Representative, Nigeria Mohamed Malick Fall has lauded Emir of Muradun His Royal Highness, Alhaji Garba Muhammad Tambari for his commitment and ability to mobilise his community for UNICEF Child Survival program. Malick Fall, made the commendation when he led a delegation to the Emir's palace in Zamfara State Northwest Nigeria for a courtesy visit on Monday.

    According to him, the team was at the palace to ‎thank the Emir for his support and mobilisation which helped to deliver more quality results for children in the State. Th UNICEF boss also pointed out that supporting children's survival, protection and development should be encouraged. "If by today Nigeria is so close of being declared polio free, it is because of vaccination, it is because of some medical doctors, it is because of Ministries of Health, it is because of UNICEF, but most especially, it is because of your mobilisation. ‎"I truly believe that if we want children to survive all these diseases that could kill them, if we want children to grow up in the most proper manner, with adequate nutrition, adequate development, with all access to good education, we need to get them mobilised in their early age and help them to go through it. "It is only by doing this, that we can have ‎a society which will have a better and brighter future.

    "This is why having a leader in your position, your highness, supporting children's survival, protection and development is something that we should be looking forward to, is something we should be nurturing and harnessing. "This is why I am thanking members of my team who facilitated this meeting, because there is nothing more important to me in my duty and task here in Nigeria more than this visit."‎ he said. In his remarks, the Emir told his visitors that he feels very much encouraged by the UNICEF Country Representative comments. "My relationship with UNICEF has come a long way and I sincerely appreciate all areas of UNICEF work towards promoting the lives of children and women in Zamfara state. "We remain committed to continue working with UNICEF and all other development partners in the best interest of our people and especially children." "UNICEF team in Zamfara have continued to show high sense of professionalism and respect to the traditional institution which has made it necessary for us to support them to deliver results with our people as the beneficiaries,"he said.

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