Nigeria: Soldiers kill 6 Boko Haram militants, rescue 4 women

    1454093731394.jpg By Mohammad Ibrahim
    Nigeria: Soldiers kill 6 Boko Haram militants, rescue 4 women

    June 15 ( Abuja) Troops of the 155 Task Force Battalion, carried out a swift clearance operation at Kircha Dungus village and surrounding environment, yesterday evening during which 4 Boko Haram militants were killed.

    Few others were said to have fled leaving behind 4 women and a child. The troops have rescued and evacuated them for screening and further rehabilitation.

    While checking the general area, the troops were said to further discovered a pair of military desert camouflage uniform and a Boko Haram militants flag hoisted in the village. They also recovered a Generator set and water pumping machine. This was contained in a statement released by Army Acting Director Public Relations Colonel Sani Usman Kukasheka.

    Colonel Sani also added that troops of 7 Division Strike Group Team B, attached to 21 Brigade have braved harsh climatic conditions to also clear 7 villages of Boko Haram militants presence north east of Kumshe village. The villages are; Mulfuta, Baibawa, Jenere, Bembem, Maksamari, Bula Kafie and Bula Bodi.

    During the advance to Jenere, the troops encountered some Boko Haram militants that engaged them in fierce battle. There the troops also killed 2 more militants making six the total militants killed while several others were also wounded. The Army spokesman explained that at Jenere-Hausari the soldiers discovered that Boko Haram militants now evolved new tactics of evading surveillance by drones and aircrafts.

    "They now hide in makeshift camps covered with shrubs. The troops recovered some motorcycles, 2 Dane guns, large quantity of foodstuffs stored in a well constructed storage facility and solar panels. " The troops proceeded to Bembem, where the suspected Boko Haram militants also laid an ambush for them.

    " It was however cleared successfully although a soldier sustained gun shot wound during the clearance. He has been evacuated and receiving treatment. The team discovered and rescued some hostages held by the militants in the area.

    Although the patrol team did not encounter any militant in Maksamari, they made a very rewarding recovery of an invaluable communication gadget. Through it, the troops discovered the militants new tactics and dispositions," he said.

    In a related development, the troops of the newly created 8 Task Force Division have commenced operations in earnest. The formations and units under its command have equally been involved in clearance operations through daily patrols, raids and offensive actions against remnants of Boko Haram militants.

    It is in line with this that the troops of 153 Task Force Battalion conducted aggressive patrol to Gudusuri, Malalewa, Khadaamari, Rundi and Mugu villages in northern parts of Borno State. Although they did not encounter Boko Haram terrorists in the area, the troops recovered 5 vehicles, 6 motorcycles and 1 Boko Haram terrorists’ flag.

    Similarly, troops of 242 Battalion deployed at FOB Gajiganna along with 2 Civilian JTF, went on patrol to Goni Kanuburi village. There too, no contact was made with the Boko Haram militants as they all fled the area. It was the same story when the patrol team of 242 Battalion deployed at FOB Gajiram, patrolled Galle village. "The troops of 157 Task Force Battalion, 7 Brigade, have also continued to conduct fighting patrols to continue to prevent remnants of Boko Haram militants freedom of action or escaping," he emphasized.


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