Nigeria: Activist tasks African Union”AU” to empower local women against poverty

    1454093731394.jpg By Mohammad Ibrahim
    Nigeria: Activist tasks African Union”AU” to empower local women against poverty women in Northern

    A renown women activist in Northern Nigeria Ramatu Tijjani expresses need for countries under  African Unions to rise to the challenge by empowering local  women  to fight against poverty and unemployment in their communities.

    Migration of  men from their communities to cities in search of seasonal jobs makes it hard for such women to take care of their children. This is because majority can't access micro credits or keep livestock due to increase in security challenges and environmental factors couple with climate change confronting African continent and the world at large.

    The activist  believed empowering these women in developing countries like Nigeria with livestock as loans will go a long way in making those women self reliance without necessary  waiting for government to give them jobs.

    " Based on research in many African countries it was discovered that some women are often denied ownership right for large animals like cattle,camels,horses,donkeys which could help them financially.

    " These and many more factors are responsible for denying women right to keep such animals in Africa which include Ethnic, Cultural, religious and insecurity challenges.

    " Women are really finding it extremely difficult to rear Cattle, Camels. Horses, Donkeys at homes like their men do due to Poverty, lack of support from their spouses and government and philanthropist” she said.

    Ramatu suggested ways to immensely enhance women’s access in livestock production in developing nations  which include the use of more women  as extension workers to be trained.

    "African governments must emulate their  European counterparts to assist rural and urban women with loans from Agricultural banks or commercial Banks that will enable them acquire livestocks because doing so will greatly reduce  large number of unemployed women who are facing series of challenges in their various communities," she said.


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